USA is not America

The Star Trek reference

The right argument

In Star Trek there is a fictional interplanetary federal republic called The United Federation of Planets and it is referred to as The Federation (do you see the analogy?).
Under the wrong argument it should be called The Planets, which it is plain non-sense. Following this example it is quite easy to deduce that The United States of America should (if needed) be referred as The States but never as America.

Please, note that this page in not about demonyms (gentilics) but about the way to call a country.
Source: Wikipedia
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Anonymous says...
There's no option in country for America
3rd October 2017 10:17pm
pablo (Argentina) says...
The French bikes are not better than the United Statesian ones.
It s an example, that s the way you can use it.
They re United Statesians.
12th May 2017 6:48pm
pablo (Argentina) says...
An example of this, is a text in google search, it can be read there four times in a paragraph, United Statesians. It s a comparison between the French and the United Statesians.
Find it, write -French and United Statesians- in Google, and you can see there, fourth position of the search of google, (four times in a paragraph writen United Statesians).
12th May 2017 6:31pm
pablo (Argentina) says...
Down below in the same page.
12th May 2017 7:49pm
Ghost of Vespucci (US) says...
Actually, they could just as easily be called Planetarians, which makes perfect sense, never mind that there may be other residents of other planets which do not belong to the Federation.
11th April 2017 10:59pm
pablo (Argentina) says...
Dear United Statesians, friends, your nationality is, United Statesians. Say it cause it s your nationality, you have country and nationality.

Un gran saludo a los norteamericanos.
11th February 2017 1:21pm
Morgan (US) says...
What gives you the right to decide such things for others?
22nd February 2017 3:11am
pablo (Argentina) says...
Citizens, are the foreigners, not the United Statesians, but the foreigners, U.S.citizens in every country of the world, those re the citizens.
You can say at once United Statesians and not U.S.citizens.
11th February 2017 1:11pm
pablo (Argentina) says...
North americains, in english and in danish, german, french, italian, spanish, portuguese, russian, in China, in Japan, everywhere, north americains, instead, in every language around the world, north americains, or, united statians in every language, french etats-uniens, estadounidense, spanish, in portugese, in italian, north americans around the world, you re united statesians and north americains, you can choose united statesians at once
7th February 2017 2:07am
pablo (Argentina) says...
Instead of saying US in everything, US army and so on, everything is US, US this, US the other, and US is of the US, that s US, of the US, instead of saying that, you can say as you re saying, United Statesians, whichs is the normal definition, instead of saying that thing which is US, US army, US citiies, you can say united statesians cities, united statesians soldiers, that s the terminology. United Statesian, that s the correct terminology and not US army, US, this, US the other, north ... Read More
7th February 2017 2:06am
Anonymous (US) says...
@Anonymous The British names us
13th October 2016 10:43pm
Maryellen (US) says...
simply put, there are not any other countries (that come to mind, at least) that have the word America within their official name as does the United States of America. There is much less fault to be found in the full name of the USA, but it is the demonym that draws ire in others. Also, if you were to think about it, the “United States” portion of USA is merely a descriptor phrase that ties it all together, much like “Republic of So and So” or the “Federated Islands of Such and ... Read More
13th October 2016 10:36pm
PezAzul (Mexico) says...
The "America" referred to in "United States of America" is the land mass. But hey, don't take my word for it. Check your passport and see what it says under Nationality. It does NOT say "American". It says "USA". I like the Spanish term "estadounidense". It sounds better than just plain "gringo". ;)
19th May 2017 8:14pm
Morgan (US) says...
Anonymous (Brazil) said:

"Now they keep trying to force the rest of the world the call them "America"."

No, they don't. There is no official position by the US calling the country "America" or its people "American". No one prevents you from using those names to designate the continent (or continents, as you prefer)and all of its inhabitants. All over the world people are free to say what they want in this matter.
28th September 2016 2:20am
Anonymous (Belgium) says...
The problem is you are monopolizing an adjective that should be used in another sense. For instance when I am in France and I refer to "les americains", I have to explain that I am referring to the inhabitants of the all continent, and not to the "étatounisiens", a therm that nobody even knows. The same is happening to me (it's real) when I am in Japan: people take "americajin" for only the USA inhabitant, and I am forced to remind them that there are many ... Read More
26th September 2017 2:11pm
Anonymous (Brazil) says...
Finally some sense!
America was never the USA. It's nobody's fault they didn't come up with a name for their country... Now they keep trying to force the rest of the world the call them "America".
13th August 2016 11:47pm
ScotlandTheBest (UK) says...
***** off
You-are-not AMERICA! ***** United Statesians...
26th July 2016 4:56pm
N3XT (US) says...
So what would you suggest we call someone from the united states then? The full name of Mexico is Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, but no one questions when it's shortened to Mexico. In fact most countries have far longer names than what is used in day to day conversation. If anythings, it is extremely unusual that our countries full name is used so often.
10th May 2016 3:07am
FrenchCanadianGirl (Canada) says...
No one care the full name of Mexico has been shortened because the continent name is not Mexico. Why not calling yourselves US American? Instead of just American...
30th May 2016 1:23am
Anonymous says...
Sounds tacky
25th August 2016 12:14pm
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