Indeed, U.S.A. is not America!

America is the name of a whole continent. United States of America means that the United States belongs to America and NOT that America belongs to the United States. So, next time you want to refer to The United States of America, you can do it as U.S. or the States or whatever you want but not as only America. Gotcha?

How should I use the term America then?

Here we will show you some wrong and correct uses of the term America:

  • This is how we do it in America.
  • This is how we do it in the States.
  • America is my country and I love it.
  • The United States is my country and I love it.
  • America lost the Vietnam war.
  • U.S.A. lost the Vietnam war.
  • Here in America we love Mc Donald's.
  • Here in the U.S. we love Mc Donald's.

Please, note that this page in not about demonyms (gentilics) but about the way to call a country.


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19th Dec, 10:00 AM
So, after America the continent was found, recognized as a new land, and mapped and named America, where or what happened historically that people are saying that after being one continent it all of the sudden became two and was this approved by all countries involved in the continent?

19th Dec, 9:42 AM
18th Dec, 9:15 PM, Yes North and South Asia are two continents. LOL

19th Dec, 9:42 AM
18th Dec, 9:15 PM, Yes North and South Asia are to continents. LOL

18th Dec, 9:15 PM
It's two continents, not one.

18th Dec, 8:46 PM
The truth is the name America has not walked out of the continent, its still is the name of the continent.

18th Dec, 8:41 PM
What happened in th emiddle?

18th Dec, 8:40 PM
Fill in the blank: Continent was named America, then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and the United States name now is saying that its name is America?

18th Dec, 8:39 PM
I like to hear from U.S. people to explain how did the name America walked from Brazil in a map of the new world all the way to the Untied States and stayed there?

18th Dec, 8:37 PM
"18th Dec, 4:17PM"" And where do you think the name America came from and for what and from who?

18th Dec, 8:27 PM
"18th Dec, 3:43PM:" Not the same cause the child called China is not trying to steal the name from the country like the U.S. is trying with the name of the continent. There are many people in the world that their proper name is America, and they are not trying to change the name of the continent just becuase their own name is America, in fact they took their name after the continent of America just like the United States did.

18th Dec, 4:17 PM
The country's full name is the United States of America and is called America and people from there are called Americans.

18th Dec, 3:43 PM
If somebody names their child china. And if you talk to china, about the country china, would you say, "No, your names not china, that's the countries name." Because thats basically what this countries about.

17th Dec, 10:16 PM
And your country's name is The United States, not America. America is the continent where your country was founded.

17th Dec, 10:15 PM
And your countries name is United States, not America. America is the continent where your country was founded.

17th Dec, 10:09 PM
America/American since 1507, Deal with it United Statian. No matter how you guys spin it, [insert adjective here] America/American is America/American

17th Dec, 10:07 PM
America/American is the continent/people of the New World. America is name given by Martin Waldseemuller for the New World in 1507.

17th Dec, 10:07 PM
The U.S. may be the first sovereign country in the continent of America, but they are not the first people, nor nation. The U.S. was founded by the all Europeans. Our continent was America, and we were Americans, long before the U.S. ever came to be. American is anyone from the continent of America, be it North, Central, or South America, The Caribbean, Latin, Anglo, or Franco America. etc.. America/American is one thing they can't steal.

17th Dec, 9:22 PM
Go out of your comfort zone and travel abroad search and you will find that Americans are everyone who live in the continent of America.

17th Dec, 8:49 PM
Americans are only people from the USA.

17th Dec, 8:40 PM
I was the first born of my family so I take the last name for myself cause it suits me and I like it so I take it.

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