USA is not America

Indeed, U.S.A. is not America!

America is the name of a whole continent. United States of America means that the United States belongs to America and NOT that America belongs to the United States. So, next time you want to refer to The United States of America, you can do it as U.S. or the States or whatever you want but not as only America. Gotcha?


How should I use the term America then?

Here we will show you some wrong and correct uses of the term America:

  • This is how we do it in America.
  • This is how we do it in the States.
  • America is my country and I love it.
  • The United States is my country and I love it.
  • America lost the Vietnam war.
  • U.S.A. lost the Vietnam war.
  • Here in America we love Mc Donald's.
  • Here in the U.S. we love Mc Donald's.

Please, note that this page in not about demonyms (gentilics) but about the way to call a country.

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En Hecho = David = United Statian

En Hecho(Djibouti)says...
The Real and True American(Canada)says...

If that has anything to do with the word America, then Latin America isn’t so poor on Mathematics and Science related to America. If it is related to anything else though, then it’s okay with me.

Melissa(United States)says...

I'm a native English speaker from the northeastern US, and the word "Americans" bothers me as well. The Americas are two continents with many countries, so why should any one country claim the word "American" as its own? In my mind, it mirrors the mindset many people in the US tend to have - that we are the sole shining beacon of civilization in the world and everyone must look up to us.


Ok, but America is a single continent.

En Hecho(Djibouti)says...

All of humanity doesn’t have to see things your way. How can you expect others to respect your definitions when you don’t respect theirs?

The Real and True American(Canada)says...

Lol, I do agree with your statement!

But as for your question, Continent Models don’t really have anything to do with their own definition on words such as America and American.


Not all forms of view the world are correct, is not a matter of respecting or not is a matter of reasoning, logic and common sense.


Map of America

Created: London, Robt. Sayer, map & printseller, 1772

Repository: Map Division Washington, D.C. 20540-4650 USA dcu


Are you Anglo American Mr. En Hecho?

En Hecho(Djibouti)says...

Muy interesante.

Just a humble United Statiansays...

United States of North America, in 1776 by the government.

En Hecho(Djibouti)says...

Is this fact mildly interesting? Yes.

Is this the official current name? No.


US shamelessness


Welcome to our Russian website:

En Hecho(Djibouti)says...

Es innegable y ante los ojos de todos que en el mundo entero es cada día más arraigado el uso de América para denominar solamente a los Estados Unidos y de americano para llamar a las personas que han nacido en el país norteamericano. Esta divulgación se debe a la influencia económica y cultural de los Estados Unidos y de los países anglosajones en el mundo e, indudablemente, al uso masivo de estas palabras para nombrar a los EE: UU. y a sus ciudadanos por parte de los medios de comunicación de los varios países del globo terrestre, canales de televisión, radios, periódicos, revistas.


La intricada historia de cómo los Estados Unidos se han querido apropiar de un nombre que pertenece a todo un continente.

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Let the world know that USA should not be called America! America is one whole continent.