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Even when we stated on our home page that this site is not about demonyms, because of popular demand, we are forced to clarify on this issue.

What is Demonyms?

A demonym is a name given to natives or residents of a certain or specific place. The term gentilic was used previously but is now uncommon.

A demonym is usually, but not always, derived from the name of a place.

So what about the people from the United States?

It's wide known that many people use the term American to refer to the people from the United States of America, hence overlapping the demonyms of the inhabitants of the continent of America (remember that America is one whole continent with three sub continents) with the inhabitants of the country.

So many scholars have proposed the use of many terms to solve this misuse: US American and Unitedstatesian and USian among others.

We strongly believe that US American is a fair demonym for the people of the United States of America; fair for them and fair for the continent inhabitants.

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Jayden (US) says...
20th May 2018 9:53pm
Anonymouse (US) says...
Nah...we'll pass. We were first, we get to pick the name we like and that would be American. It's like calling shotgun for the best passenger seat.
24th April 2018 8:37pm
Jayden (US) says...
mexicans are americans too.
29th April 2018 3:44pm
Anonymous (Bhutan) says...
Why r u all do salty
27th March 2018 3:19pm
Jayden (US) says...
It's 4 subcontinents,not 3. anyway,just identify yourselves with your state. For example,i am Tennessean. I propose terra diverse for the country and terra diversean for the demonym. How about usonian? unisian? appalachian? freedonian? unisian? columbian? alleghanese? (from alleghany)
USian? Uesican? Uessian? United Statesian? United Stateser? Usanese?
23rd March 2018 11:23pm
Anonymous (Mexico) says...
They are gringos!
16th February 2018 7:38pm
Anonymous (US) says...
I refer to them Unitedstatesman/woman just like the corrrect Denonyms for France are Frenchman/woman and for England are Englishman/woman. I would also accept US American as it is simple. Other accepted denonyms: amierdicano, amerdicano (Italian), amerdicain (French).
31st December 2017 10:58am
Anonymous says...
I swear to God you are all making a small problem harder than it really is. If American is problematic (as well as Statians) then just simply go with Statesider. It’s an elegant solution to the problem that is not insulting to BOTH US citizens and those in the rest of the American continent. Why make this so hard?
20th December 2017 4:28am
Anonymous (Chile) says...
Did u know the complete name of Mexico is "United states of Mexico"?(in Spanish,of course).

Well i'm glad they didn´t call their country "united states of America", that would have been a real mess.
11th December 2017 4:54pm
Anonymous says...
It's "United Mexican States", not "United states of Mexico". Check your info before saying out lout, will do you good.
6th January 2018 9:43am
KJK (US) says...
From both a historical perspective a linguistic one, & based on anti-American bigotry, the demonym should remain American 1. I've debated this many times, mostly with S. Americans. When pushed, almost without exception, those who take umbrage with will add something about how we meddle in the world - ergo an anti-American sentiment not relating to our use of the word. 2. Homonyms exists with demonyms. Georgians can come from a state/nation, Washingtonians come from DC/a state for ... Read More
23rd November 2017 1:15pm
Daniel (US) says...
The French call us 'américains' because we are from a different continent. But French Canada refers to us as 'étatsuniens' to distinguish us from Canadians. Spanish is a bit tricky too. As Americans we are (all) called 'americanos'. But from the USA we are 'estadounidenses'. I usually use the term gringo and smile and that lets my latino friends know I don't take all this so damn seriously. I have always hated that our citizens consider themselves Americans ... Read More
18th November 2017 3:36am
Jayden (US) says...
I'm a gringo.
23rd March 2018 11:37pm
Bob Kuegel (US) says...
There was Germany and EAST Germany. Was that too mind-boggling for you? When someone says they're American, no foreigner is confused about whether one is from Canada or Uruguay. And you can't honestly use the words, "strongly," and "fair" together. Strong is not fair. Who are you to be the arbiter? I never knew a Mexican-American who said she was Meso-American, nor has anyone I have known from El Salvador called themselves "Central" anything. Brazilians who ... Read More
15th November 2017 4:03pm
Daniel (US) says...
Uh, pardon, but there was the Bundesrepublik Deutschland and the Deutsche Demokratische Republik ( the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic ). West Germany and East Germany denoted locations not country names. And you can call yourself anything you like, even American, but at home and abroad folks will mentally insert 'Ugly' in front of it.
18th November 2017 3:45am
Anonymous says...
This is why people condescend US-Americans. You prove the point exactly Bob. Gold star for you!
28th February 2018 7:49am
Kenneth (US) says...
Ok, I give... let every countries citizens in the American Continent call themselves American...

How's the Statement go... "All Hat, no Cattle" well, go ahead... "All Name, no GDP"... is everyone happy now?
26th October 2017 11:32pm
Kenneth (US) says...
I think you're nuts. When I travel for Business or Pleasure, people refer to me as "American"... that's the Test. Doing Business in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru, most people never challenge the idea that they are American also... and certainly when the Al Queda and ISIS killers were kidnapping people... killing some captured and sparing others, believe me no Canadian or Mexican, or Costa Rican or Honduran, or Brazilian, Colombian or Argentinean would ever dare ... Read More
26th October 2017 11:02pm
Anonymous says...
Continent of America (remember that America is one whole continent with three sub continents)... No, America is not a continent, it is two. North America and South America make up the Americas. Central America is a Sub-continent of North America much like South Asia is a sub continent of the Greater Asian Continent. I am not fighting the idea that there needs to be a shift in understanding of the symantics of the word "American"
26th October 2017 6:53pm
Anonymous says...
US American is overly long and overdone. Folks from other countries in the Americas (and I've been in many of them) do not refer to themselves in relation to the Americas. Canadians are Canadians, Bolivians are Bolivians and folks from French Guiana are French...Whoops.
26th October 2017 5:52pm
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