USA is not America

Indeed, U.S.A. is not America!

America is the name of a whole continent. United States of America means that the United States belongs to America and NOT that America belongs to the United States. So, next time you want to refer to The United States of America, you can do it as U.S. or the States or whatever you want but not as only America. Gotcha?


How should I use the term America then?

Here we will show you some wrong and correct uses of the term America:

  • This is how we do it in America.
  • This is how we do it in the States.
  • America is my country and I love it.
  • The United States is my country and I love it.
  • America lost the Vietnam war.
  • U.S.A. lost the Vietnam war.
  • Here in America we love Mc Donald's.
  • Here in the U.S. we love Mc Donald's.

Please, note that this page in not about demonyms (gentilics) but about the way to call a country.

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Julia (US) says...
You just admitted it can have multiple meanings. America is a girl. America is a continent. America means a girl. America also means a continent. How is this difficult to understand?
8th May 2018 1:28am
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
Julia wrote: "Mrs. Anonymous, I honestly don’t know why they changed the meaning. I have some ideas, but I am not sure. I am simply pointing out that they DID change the meaning. I feel this is obvious, since the evidence of actual language use in many languages proves it without a doubt." Julia, please explain to me how can a proper name change its meaning? Words, do change but how do proper names change their meanings? Maria is Maria here and everywhere even when the spelling can ... Read More
8th May 2018 12:56am
Julia (US) says...
Words only have meaning because a group of people give them that meaning, agree on that meaning, use that meaning, and understand that meaning. That is how all language works. All it takes is for a group of people to agree on a meaning and use the word in that way. Billions of people who speak many languages are part of a multi-lingual community that uses ‘America’ and ‘Americans’ to refer to the USA. You know this is true. Some groups use ‘America’ or ‘América’ to mean the ... Read More
8th May 2018 1:21am
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
You keep talking about words. America is a proper name. Common words can take different meanings throughout time and also can be written in different ways through time too. America, is a proper name derived from the name of a man who drew maps of the new world, thus German Cartographer Waldseemuller, used the latinized form of his name and put it into the femenine form to name the new world, the new continent. So this is the story of how the continent got its name. Now, we have been trying to ... Read More
8th May 2018 3:38pm
Canuck (Canada) says...
This is garbage. North America and South America are continents. There is no continent called "America". Also, you don't mean "Gotcha", you mean "Got it?". How are you supposed to be taken seriously when you even get THAT wrong?
7th May 2018 12:37am
Anonymous (US) says...
For most of the world, America = United States. When people chant "Death to America" I don't think that they mean Peru.
It may be looked at as being arrogant. It may take away the idea of a continental American. But, like it or not, for over two centuries the people from the USA uave been recognized as Americans
4th May 2018 10:49pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
Anonymous said: "The fact that we consider North America to be a continent does not, in any way, prevent us from referring to sections of that continent." Yes but the center of America or Central America, does not particularly name a part of what you think is the North American Continent. If it were that case, then the name would be Central of North America if it is talking about that supposed continent. But, it is Central America because it pertains to the continent of America. See ... Read More
4th May 2018 6:23pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
What kind of contribution is anonymous bringing to this discussions? read it for yourself, just in the latests posts: "Anonymous says... Stupid troll." and, "you probably don’t have enough mental firepower to see what is obvious to everyone else, but you should at least try. It will be very difficult, if not impossible, for you to overcome your crippling ignorance, bias, and simplemindedness." and, "Anonymous says... You so stupid." and, "This is the most ... Read More
4th May 2018 6:14pm
Jayden (US) says...
here in the us we love mcdonalds is still inaccurate as not everyone in the us loves mcdonlands. when speaking catalan,call it estats units and the people estatunitenc in singular and estatunitencs in plural. corsican:stati uniti,statunitanu,statunitanus. galician:estados unidos,estadounidense,estadounidenses. french:etats-unis,etats-unien,etats-uniens. spanish:same as in galician. italian:stati uniti,statunitense,statunitensi. portuguese:same as in galician and as in spanish. romanian:statele ... Read More
3rd May 2018 10:51pm
Anonymous says...
Stupid troll.
4th May 2018 9:48am
Jayden (US) says...
which part of my comment is the stupidest?
4th May 2018 4:31pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
Jayden, this individual can not understand that there are other people in the world that have not bought into the indoctrination that the English has done to their people regarding the name "America" and the continent. So, he reacts in this manner, because he can't find good words to discuss what he can't accept. We know that this issue needs to be discussed because it exists, the conflict exists, but the other side seems to forget the original part of the history of the ... Read More
4th May 2018 6:36pm
Anonymous (US) says...
(mr.s anonymous) english is my native language and it never caused me to call anyone a stupid troll.
6th May 2018 9:14pm
Julia (US) says...
Jayden, maybe Anonymous thinks the stupidest part of your comment is how you neglected to give the words that are most commonly used in most of these languages to refer to the US and its citizens: America and Americans. It is this kind of intellectual dishonesty, among other things, that so discredits your arguments.
7th May 2018 7:09pm
Jayden (US) says...
(julia) mos tof those languages are romance languages. and in romance languages,"america" is not the most common way to refer to the USA. the only romanophones that refer to usa as "america" are the french. usa is not the entirety of america. it is only part of america.
14th May 2018 1:37pm
Julia (US) says...
Because it is in the center of the Americas. There is no mystery to it.
3rd May 2018 2:29am
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
The Americas is a Spanish plural for the 3 subregions of America. North America, Central America, and South America or to be more precise North of America, Center of America, usually called Mesoamerica, and South of America. You will not find these being related to the USA anywhere. The Americas is not the name of the continent. America is the original name of the new world/continent. And if you are interested in going back and learn the history, you will find that what I am saying is correct, ... Read More
4th May 2018 6:30pm
Julia (US) says...
As you should know, ‘the Americas’ is commonly used in English. It isn’t just a Spanish word. I know that America originally referred to the entire land from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. Actually, it didn’t ORIGINALLY refer to all that land because Europeans didn’t know about much of the north and south of the continent when the name was first used in the early 1500s. But I digress. I also know that, over the centuries, ‘America’ was given other meanings in English, just as it was ... Read More
4th May 2018 7:56pm
Julia (US) says...
These changes in meaning don’t deny the history that you speak of. The changes are an integral part of the etymological history of the words. The meanings of many words in all languages have changed over the millennia. This is how language works. Why do you think that only the “original” meaning of a word is valid? That is known as the Etymological Fallacy. Look it up. It is a real thing, and it is a false assumption. Do you claim that words are never allowed to acquire new meanings ... Read More
4th May 2018 7:57pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
@Julia: When you wrote that you "also know that, over the centuries, ‘America’ was given other meanings in English, just as it was in other languages." could you explain how it was that the English somehow used the name of a continent and changed the meaning of that name to mean a country when the country is actually situated on that same continent? Because before the English divided the continent, the continent for the English was one and the name was America, but somehow things ... Read More
7th May 2018 11:47pm
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