USA is not America

Indeed, U.S.A. is not America!

America is the name of a whole continent. United States of America means that the United States belongs to America and NOT that America belongs to the United States. So, next time you want to refer to The United States of America, you can do it as U.S. or the States or whatever you want but not as only America. Gotcha?


How should I use the term America then?

Here we will show you some wrong and correct uses of the term America:

  • This is how we do it in America.
  • This is how we do it in the States.
  • America is my country and I love it.
  • The United States is my country and I love it.
  • America lost the Vietnam war.
  • U.S.A. lost the Vietnam war.
  • Here in America we love Mc Donald's.
  • Here in the U.S. we love Mc Donald's.

Please, note that this page in not about demonyms (gentilics) but about the way to call a country.

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Gray (US) says...
America as a name was created by and "stolen" from Europeans. Some Europeans created this name, either from Amerigo Vespucci or Richard Amerike, or possibly from another source lost to history. The names used by the indigenous peoples of the Americas in their various languages were not America. Many languages have gone extinct, so we will never know what the name of the Americas in all languages used by the indigenous peoples of the Americas. I have found a few of these names, ... Read More
Yesterday 11:06pm
Anonymous says...
Again Mrs A, as you have done in the past many times. You write your information to take up a whole page. Maybe because you're under the assumption that it will provide more value when in fact only further proves your rants are nothing more than gibberish thoughts that simply come to mind like a 10 year old schoolgirl.
Yesterday 9:12pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
From Van Loon's Geography:

"It reaches from the North Pole to the South Pole and therefore enjoys every sort of climate."
Pg. 454

America is one continent.
Yesterday 8:44pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
From Van Loon's Geography:

"It is the only continent on the western hemisphere and therefore has no immediate competitors as Africa, Asia and Europe have."

One continent in the western hemisphere.
Yesterday 8:42pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
From Van Loon's Geography:

"The American continent is the most obliging continent of all."

One continent.
Yesterday 8:40pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
From Van Loon's Geography:

"and that Asia is four and a half times as large as Europe, America is four times as large, Africa three times, while Australia is a few hundred square miles smaller. Asia and America and Africa therefore ought to come ahead of Europe in a handbook on geography.."

America is a continent four times as large as Europe.
Yesterday 8:33pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
A quote from "Van Loon's Geography":

"But rather than add to the existing confusion, I will stick to the generally accepted divisions and I will say that there are five continents: Asia, America, Africa, Europe and Australia,..."
Page 74

Five continents one being America.
Yesterday 8:26pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
I just read "Geography" The Story of The World, by Van Loon. The book is from 1940 a copy of the original from 1932. This one is a good example on how the reader gets lost somehow by the incoherences written in the book. Either America is a continent or is it a nation? I think the book leaves the reader wondering where is the history on why/how the transfer of name occurred? I'll write in some quotes from the beginning of the book and then later from the end and you will see that ... Read More
Yesterday 8:20pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
Everytime I am reading a book on U.S. history, the very beginning starts with who founded the continent of America and they write Christopher Columbus. Some have more info like the Amerigo vespuccio story etc. But then they jump right at other things and leave one wondering how was it that from a continent's history and a name given to a continent jumps right to American colonies or a nation with the name United States of America. So, there is no history told about how the name went from a ... Read More
Yesterday 8:06pm
Anonymous says...
It especially leaves you wondering because it doesn't fulfill your Latin American narrative
Yesterday 9:17pm
Anonymous says...
If I coudl borrow Jo(US)'s statement here, this is what Jo wrote:..." That you were once "taught" that "America" was USA in the past does not mean that this will be the case in the near future. Teachings my change all the time to keep up with the times." It is interesting that you mentioned this since the majority of the people on the side that the US is the only "America" say that words change with time, meanings change with time, etc But we will see ... Read More
Yesterday 7:52pm
Mrs. Anonymous (US) says...
Again its me, I seem to forget to write my name.
Yesterday 7:54pm
Anonymous says...
How long has everyone been on here? I remember some of the named people, like Mrs. A, Jo, Gray, LaFleur, Morgan, and Winsor (the angry Canadien). Some anonymouses were probably on here for months.
Yesterday 5:34pm
Jo (US) says...
"You state that you are from the US so I'm going to assume that you are a US citizen. When you say America to mean North America South America. Don't be surprised when people look at you as if you are a dumbassz. Since you are a US citizen why would you view it that way since we are not taught that way." Very inappropriate to speak of others as dumbassz. Anyway, people are taught incorrect things all the time. Languages also change continuously. That you were once ... Read More
Yesterday 2:49pm
Anonymous says...
Jo, I did not call you a DUMBASSZ. I said people may look at you that way. Perception is sometime a reality. So you say times change. Time does not change, PEOPLE do! Why is it that when others have used your example to signify that the continent America originally shown as 1507 which has been taught as 2 continents North and South in several countries and in others they have continued to teach 1 America. The argument (Latin narrative) was time does not change this. Were you educated in the USA ... Read More
Yesterday 3:12pm
Anonymous says...
Mrs. Anonymous says...
to Gray(US) is funny how you tell me that I am biased when you and the others are biased on your own side. Anyhow, it does not matter if anyone is biased the debates are based on different issues with different views where both parties debate their views.

Gray is not biased. It is that YOU mrs A ARE WRONG!, very biased driving a Latin American narrative propaganda.
Yesterday 2:34pm
Andrew (US) says...
When the US named itself, America was only one name that could be used for the mainland of the New World. Most of it was called New Spain (Nueva España).
Yesterday 3:09am
Anonymous says...
The New world was all named "America". Nueva Espana was the name given to the Spanish colonies in the continent of America. America is the continent Nueva Espana were the colonies of Spain. There is a difference here.
Yesterday 7:36pm
Anonymous says...
Sorry this is me: MRS Anonymous.
Yesterday 7:38pm
Anonymous (Australia) says...
ITS ***** MACCAS *****
Yesterday 2:51am
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