USA is not America

Indeed, U.S.A. is not America!

America is the name of a whole continent. United States of America means that the United States belongs to America and NOT that America belongs to the United States. So, next time you want to refer to The United States of America, you can do it as U.S. or the States or whatever you want but not as only America. Gotcha?


How should I use the term America then?

Here we will show you some wrong and correct uses of the term America:

  • This is how we do it in America.
  • This is how we do it in the States.
  • America is my country and I love it.
  • The United States is my country and I love it.
  • America lost the Vietnam war.
  • U.S.A. lost the Vietnam war.
  • Here in America we love Mc Donald's.
  • Here in the U.S. we love Mc Donald's.

Please, note that this page in not about demonyms (gentilics) but about the way to call a country.

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Mrs. Roda Saris Anonymous (a.k.a. Misses the Obvious and Mrs. Obvious) wrote:

Are you now denying that you are for "Parias" as the name given to the part where the U.S. is now? You yourself have been advocating this for the longest time here on this forum. Or is it that you think one way one day and then another the next day???


I educated you about Parias for several reasons. First, it is a relevant and interesting fact. Second, for anyone who believes the obviously ridiculous notion of the Etymological Fallacy, the fact of Parias means that your preferred definition of ‘America’ would also be incorrect because it isn’t the first definition of the name. Of course, your preferred definition isn’t incorrect because the Etymological Fallacy is total BS. Third, and closely related, the fact of Parias shows that your preferred definition of ‘America’ represents a change from the original meaning of the word. So if it is wrong to use ‘America’ to refer to the US because it is a change from the original meaning, then it is also wrong to use ‘America’ to refer to all of the Americas, because it is a change from the original meaning. Of course, neither of these ways of using ‘America’, or any of the other ways of using the word, is actually incorrect.


I am only “for” Parias in the sense that I accept it as a fact. Unlike you, I am not “against” facts just because I don’t like them. I don’t pretend and lie and write completely ridiculous BS, as you do, just because I don’t like certain facts. I don’t deny reality like you regularly do.


How does the fact of the meaning of Parias mean that I “have to” call the US either ‘Parias’ or ‘the United States of Parias’? Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. Similarly, you don’t “have to” call North America ‘Parias’ just because it used to be called that. What don’t you understand about this, you simpleton?


How does my pointing out the existence of the name ‘Parias’ mean that I “have to” use that name today? Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. The things that words and names refer to can and do change over time. For a brief period of time ‘Parias’ was used to refer to North America. The name fell out of use quite quickly and nowadays almost nobody has even heard of the name. I didn’t learn of the name until a few years ago. I looked at the Waldseemuller map and saw that North America is indeed labeled as ‘Parias’. You didn’t know about ‘Parias’ until I educated you about it. You are most welcome. I don’t use the name ‘Parias’ for North America or the US because nobody uses it in this way. The purpose of communication is to make yourself understood, so why would I use a name that pretty much nobody understands? THINK, PAYASA.

Saris Maria(United States)says...

You are wrong. I have see the word "Parias" long ago even before finding this forum. You did not educate me, sorry are your hurt?


That makes your lies and misrepresentations even worse. You just admitted that you deny facts that don’t support your BS “arguments”. Typical.

Saris Maria(United States)says...

I think you are mixing other people's opinions with mine. You are confused!


While watching the previous Miss Universe, a global TV Program about the wonderful beauties of the world, it was disgusting to listen one of the stupid lady who was watching as well say -"why is she speaking in spanish?" when referring to the Puerto Rican Model representing the USA.

She is another stupid ignorant just like the stupid David.

The TV program was not even hosted in America, why should she speak in english?

Not if even though the TV Pogram had been hosted in America, or more specifically, in the "United States" should she speak english, that is not even the official language.

As always, I never said anything to her because she is a stupid ignorant, she felt pleasure saying such a disgusting comment, she is from the United States, another stupid ignorant belonging to our society.


United States of Mexico of America

United States of what? of America

Puerto Rico of America

United States of Brasil of America

United States of Canada of America

It is so obvious that they are in America.

That is why Mexico chose a proper name to its country, they say they are mexican.

If you are from the United States, why would you say "I am american"?, should I assumed that you are from the United States if you speak English?, or maybe Canada?, No I would not assume so broohh.

The trend now is that you are United Statian (now we have to bend the grammar and make it a proper name when the word "State" is part of a regular vocabulary, the word "statian" would never be used anywhere unless it is when naming someone from the "United States").

The United States has no official language anyway, so I would it be that they even have a unfinished name as a country?, maybe that is why they chose not to have a proper name.



The United States has no official language anyway, so how would it be that they even have an unfinished name as a country?, maybe that is why they chose not to have a proper name.

The states were not united but then they got united. Now they are united, GREAT! The United States!

Maybe they meant to have a nice sub-name something like "United Kingdom".

Saris Maria(United States)says...

The Continent is one, and the name is America. North, South and Central are subregions or subcontinents of the one continent America.


And, as you well know, other people see it differently. Your way of defining the continents is not the only correct one just because it is what you learned as a kid and what you prefer. You know that there is no proof that your conception of the continents is the only correct one. You know that there is no proof that the other conceptions of the continents are wrong. The various conceptions are simply different. None of them are wrong. You don’t have to consider the Americas to be two continents, and nobody has to consider the Americas to be one continent. What don’t you understand about this? Why do you keep pretending that there is some proof somewhere that shows that only your conception of the continents is correct? Just grow up and accept that there are people who see things differently than you do, and that they are not wrong for doing so.


“Just grow up and accept that there are people who see things differently than you do, and that they are not wrong for doing so.”

This is what you demand of your Straw Man Ignorant American (see Straw Man Fallacy) that you pretend to argue against. You demand that he learn, acknowledge, and adopt your conventions, perspectives, definitions, viewpoints, narratives, etc., yet you do none of this in return. That is extremely hypocritical.


Notice how I never write that your word use is incorrect. That’s because it isn’t incorrect. It is different in some ways from how I and many others often use the words, but that in no way makes it incorrect. It is just different. Different doesn’t mean wrong. This applies equally to your usage, my usage, and everyone’s usage. Your not liking a certain usage doesn’t make it wrong.


You don’t have to fabricate fake rules of language and then pretend that they are being broken. You don’t have to pretend that people don’t use words to mean certain things just because you don’t like the usage. You don’t have to pretend that the supposed rules and conventions of your language, or any language, determine how English, or any language, “should” be spoken. Words don’t just mean what you want them to mean. You don’t exclusively control how words are used in your native language or any language. You aren’t the arbiter. You determine nothing. All of this is so obvious, yet you seem to understand none of it.

Saris Maria(United States)says...

Of course I noticed that other people have a different view of America. However, you yourself admitted that it is the name given to the continent (new world) by Waldseemuller and so its origins are what is mostly accepted. What happened next? That the U.S. took the name of the continent is debatable. Why is debatable? Due to the fact that the origins have not been changed, that the continent is still one continent and its name is America. The fact that the others, English speaking countries especially, have changed to a different model of America by dividing it into two (and yet they still can't tell where Central America falls in, either their North America Continent or their South American continent) continents. The only explanation I gather is that they needed the name "America" to be available and free so that the U.S. could continue using it and making it their own through the spread of its usage as such.

Saris Maria(United States)says...

Provide the origin of the name America for the USA and where did it come from and you will find yourself in a bind due to the fact that the name came from the continent of America which was named after Amerigo Vespuccio. This is a fact. However, there is no evidence that the U.S. took a name for itself and that the name came from somewhere else, such as a river, indigenous place, hero, which is where names usually come from. The USA took the name of the continent in which it stood and was in. Unless the English settlers and the born in the colonies knew nothing about the continent of America, then how do you explain they adopted the name "America" and where did they get it from? Only if they were dumb and stupid that they did not know the land/continent they were in, and that it was called America one can excuse their actions but they were not stupid and they knew exactly where they were and how that place was called because we read it throughout history. read it!


Hi Stupid David again.

May I refer to someone from Europe an European Citizen?, should not be a bad criteria, also;

Could I refer to someone from America an American Citizen?, well... I am confused.

An European Citizen, might it be whichever country in Europe, OK?.

Hopefully you are clear at that!, maybe, since you are The Stupid David.

Now, I grammatically get confused when referring to someone from the continent America.

Why is it so wrong to try to combine this aspect of meaning when I would like to name someone "American Citizen" of whichever country within its vasts of lands.

"American Citizen", does this apply to the United States of America alone?, the grammar becomes just like the spammer, Stupid!, ha... that is probably how American People like it. American, I take it and I say, "I am American" and I do not care that you like it, you are stupid, I am proud to be american, why would you even care?, you are still stupid.


Yawn. Feel free to post links whenever you finally come across a fact that is relevant.


hey Stupid David, I am feeling stupid already while wasting my time to reply back to you.

Apparently you did not accept what is call "An Opinion". Ha, I would never forget that you are stupid!.

It is part of your natural behavior to still remain stupid.

I still congratulate you!, great!.

I made clearly opinions that anybody would understand with a reasoning. In fact, I admit to belong to a ignorant society, so I am actually a ignorant.

What is the difference between me who recognize about being an ignorant and you, who would never agree to simple opinions very easily explained by me and others?.

Well, the difference now is that you became what you are, a real "Stupid Ignorant".

Remember, do not get mad. We love stupid people too, ignorants are welcome as well. At the end of all I do like to act stupid whenever I like, and... be just like you, another stupid ignorant!




Humans evolve with idealism.

We created a map to rule out private spaces.

We erase maps to invade spaces.

The Television/internet (technology) are great sources of goods and bads, it leads to whatever you choose to advocate for.

The Stupid David had shown a great development in his knowledge and writings thanks to us (look at the way he wrote at the beginning and see how different and polite he is writing now),that's why America is getting Great Again.

Congratulations stupid David.

English is not my first language, English is surely your first dialect hahahaha.

If I say that I am American (not from USA) it would most likely be an insult to an USA citizen, maybe to citizens of any other country. Why?, that's how it feels like, it happened to me once with a European citizen. (You see,I could not properly say American citizen to refer to any citizen of any country in the continent, because of the misunderstanding).


Why was America renamed to South America and Parias was renamed to North America if it was NOT intended to be one continent?

If it was supposed to be two separate continents why the name change especially having America in both?

Saris Maria(United States)says...

Silence from


Some people consider the Americas to be 2 continents, and some consider them to be one. Originally, on the Waldseemuller map, they were considered to be 2 separate continents — America and Parias. Because people often change the meanings of names over time, the meaning (that is, what the name refers to) of the name America was changed to encompass what are now called North America and South America. Some call these subcontinents. Some call them continents. Neither is incorrect. They are just different.

What don’t you understand about this? Where is your proof that only your way of seeing things is the correct way? We all know that there is no such proof. All the different conceptions of the continents are correct.


Parias was described by Waldseemüller's follower, Johannes Schöner as: "The island of Parias, which is not a part or portion of the foregoing [America] but a large, special part of the fourth part of the world", indicating uncertainty as to its situation.üller_map

“...NOT a part or portion of the foregoing [America]...”




Saris Maria(United States)says...

Are you stuck in history? You seem to have slept thru it. The north (or Parias) also become part of the continent of America. Can you dispute that?


Duh. Obviously the meaning of ‘America’ was changed to include Parias. Because people change the meanings of names and words all the time. The etymology of the word clearly shows this. This is what I have been writing about for years. I do not dispute this because I cannot dispute this because it is a fact. Unlike you and your moronic ilk, I do not dispute facts.

Jordan(United States)says...

Hm, no. I think I will continue to speak how I want. Your "political correctness" is very unbecoming


Most of what they post isn’t even correct—politically or otherwise.

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